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Let's Meet For Copy®

May 4, 2021

Tatia Gordon-Troy is the founder and CEO of Ramses House Publishing LLC, an author services company designed to help lawyers and law firms independently publish to market themselves and their practices, and to leverage their expertise and grow their businesses.

She is an attorney, writer, editor, and an award-winning publisher. She spent 15 years in traditional publishing in the legal trade association space before starting her company six years ago.

Tatia posts a regular column on LinkedIn called "The What Nots"--what not to do if you're trying to get published. 

In this episode, we chat:
-Tatia's 10th grade teacher and the impact on her writing
-Writing as a legal analyst and as a
newspaper reporter
-Deadlines, working quick, reporting and editing
-Political writing and the fast-paced environment
-Working as an attorney and the storytelling process
-Her experience as a publisher and editor and her tips for you