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Let's Meet For Copy®

Feb 25, 2021

Claire E. Parsons is a trial and local government attorney in Kentucky. She is also a mom, certified meditation teacher, and an award-winning community leader and writer. Soon after Claire started a mindfulness practice that changed her life, she also reactivated a writing habit that led her to publish well-read works, increase her LinkedIn following 10 fold, launch a blog about mindfulness, Brilliant Legal Mind, and author a chapter in a bestselling book, Networked.

In this episode, Claire and I chat about how busy professionals can renew their creative spirit and what mindfulness practices may offer to writers.

We also chat:

-Claire’s “aha” moment as a young girl when it came to writing
-How a chance encounter in a bookstore impacted her
-Erasing the pattern of overthinking
-Her article about mindfulness getting republished and how it led to speaking opportunities 
-How Brilliant Legal Mind got its name
-The LI Group formed during the pandemic that turned into so much more
-Claire’s best writing tips

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Twitter: @ClaireEParsons and @BrilliantLegal1





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