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Let's Meet For Copy®

Jul 20, 2018

First guest episode!!! Super excited to have Dr. Greg Jones on the show. Fun fact, Greg and I went to high school together! 

See below for Greg's bio. We chat about:

- Academic writing versus creative writing
-Tips for all writers
-Who tweeted about one of Greg's articles that is one of his most amazing writing moments
-Why he can help you read a Civil War letter and why the book he wrote did things he never even imagined

Plus so much more! 

Dr. Greg Jones holds a Ph.D. in History from Kent State University. He teaches online history classes for several schools. Additionally, he is co-founder and co-editor for indie music website

Dr. Jones has written for a wide variety of academic publications, including professional book reviews in America’s Civil War, North Carolina Historical Review, and the Journal of Sport History. He has also published chapters in academic books published with Cambridge Scholars and a forthcoming book with the University of Notre Dame Press.

Dr. Jones self-published a book titled How to Read a Civil War Letter in 2015 as an accessible historical methods textbook. In addition to his academic writing, he writes and edits weekly album reviews and artist features for EarToTheGround. Interviews with Noah Gundersen, David Ramirez, Maggie Rogers, and other noted indie music darlings continue to be some of his most passionate projects.

Dr. Jones is currently working on a book-length project within his Civil War expertise and is editing a collection of interviews from EarToTheGround which will be released as a book later this year.